By Fr. Elvis Fernandes SFX

Pilar - Goa , Sep 13, 2023 : In a mesmerising performance in Goa last weekend, Maltese-Australian priest Fr. Rob Galea enchanted an audience of over 5,000 with his soul-stirring Gospel music at a concert organised at Pilar.

Fr. Rob, known for his mastery over contemporary worship music and his ability to use music as a conduit for people to connect intimately with God, was hosted by the Pilar Music Academy as part of an initiative of the Goa Province (Society of Pilar).

The electrifying performance featured songs from Fr. Rob's eight music albums, apart from popular tracks, showcasing his remarkable talent and passion for spreading the message of faith through music. Beyond music, Fr. Rob's charismatic stage presence and heartfelt words resonated spiritually with the audience, which mostly comprised youth from Goa.

"My heart is so full, even though my body is tired and I have lost my voice. But my heart is filled with gratitude for all the Goans, all the volunteers, all those who have attended this concert. I am going to be back because I love you," Fr. Rob said after the concert, which was also attended by music lovers from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad and other parts of India.

Fr. Rob's performance was preceded by a series of devotional musical acts which were delivered by Acacio with Wedgwood, Cielda Pereira, Elvis Mascarenhas, an ensemble comprising Joe D Costa, Vinay Coutinho, Zipporah Lopez and Aileen Saldanha, along with Shalisha Fernandes and Boney Alex Dias.

Well known Goan singers Celeste and Adrian also performed along with Fr. Rob on the memorable evening.

Fr. Rob Galea's journey, from his Maltese origins to Australia, where he overcame addiction and depression in his teens to become a Catholic priest, was a testament to the transformative power of faith, embodied by Galea and his band. The globally renowned singer, songwriter, and author has eight music albums to his credit and his book 'Breakthrough' is set for a Hollywood movie adaptation in 2025.

On Sunday, the day after the event, Fr. Rob, along with the Pilar Fathers, celebrated mass, which was attended by over 2,000 youth followed by an intense interaction over music and spiritual aspects of life.

In addition to his performance, Fr. Rob Galea took the time to explore the cultural and spiritual heritage of Goa which included a visit to the Old Goa heritage church complex. He also participated in a feast mass at the Penha de Franca church, besides calling on Cardinal Rev. Fr. Filipe Neri Ferrao.


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