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Germany, Sep 13 : Konkani Kutam e.V. Germany celebrated Monti Fest together at St. Christophorus Church, Frankfurt on 9th September, 2023. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the naissance of Konkani Kutam as a community. Families and friends from all across Germany and neighboring countries came together in adoration of Mother Mary and celebrated together in one spirit.

The day began with the veneration and worship of Mother Mary, with an offering of flowers. The veneration was accompanied by hymns from the Konkani choir, and prayers offered by sisters of the Bethany congregation. This was followed by the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Mass was presided over by the celebrants - Fr. Robert Rego, Fr. Jason Anthony and Fr. Praveen Joy Saldanha.

The celebrations were followed by a lively cultural program, including music, games and entertainment. The current office bearers of Konkani Kutam e.V. Germany - President Keeth Noronha, Vice President Curran Dsouza, Secretary Milind Lobo, and Treasurer Oliver Saldanha - warmly welcomed the gathering.

As Konkani Kutam celebrates its 20th anniversary, the core team called upon and appreciated long time contributors and founding members of the community. With their help and efforts, a small group of likeminded people grew into a huge family of more than 150 members.

The program was hosted by emcees Oliver Saldanha, Ashley Lobo, and Steffi Pereira. The cultural program included the awaited auction of organic vegetables and plants sponsored by members. Followed by games, dance performances, comedy skits and traditional Baila song and dance.

Lunch included a delicious assortment of dishes prepared by the members themselves. The event ended on a high note with Baila dancing and fun led by Djs Jaison Dsouza and Stephen Lobo.


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