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Mangaluru, Aug 13 : Corona virus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus. This pandemic has not only broken the universe but the hearts and minds of the people striking down their personal and professional life. The disease has left the people sick, lonely in quarantine, unemployed, poor, sad, depressed, fearful, in social distance and the list goes on. Hundreds and thousands of migrant workers are desperately trying to return home in their own country. Battling hunger and fatigue, they are bound by a collective will to somehow get back to where they belong. Home in the village ensures food and the comfort of the family. Looking at all these facts, many of us can tend to question God when suffering strikes us very intensely. Immediately we begin to search our conscience for some sin that God must be punishing: what is god trying to tell me amidst the suffering universe? Why doesn’t God answer our prayers? And if we find nothing definite, we begin to question God’s fairness.

We live in an imperfect world that includes family and social issues , sickness (COVID-19) which has been taking the lives of many and moreover faith which is diminishing. We have discovered that not everything works out the way we wish. In the bible, the “Book of Job” is always a reminder that God’s answers to our questions are beyond human understanding.

Being a consecrated people, the sisters of St Angela Convent Bejai, Mangaluru are assuring the people not to fear about this pandemic rather take care of yourselves by following the precautions. Jesus is our hope. St Paul says: “I am willing to stand on trial for God’s promise of hope for all people”. “We can keep journeying together and know that it is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new day. God is the God of our journey and not just the destination. Let us journey forward together in HOPE and work to bring God’s light, hope and peace to our broken world”, say the Sisters.

The purpose of composing this song is mainly to encourage the people to take courage and rely on God by following the rules of the government.

Composer : Sr Sushma Luis
Tune : Fr Simon Fernandes
Music : Sr Preethin Saldanha
Editing : Sr Trenita, Bro Jostan(Bejai)
Singers : Sr Cicilia, Sr Leena, Sr Flavia, Sr Judith, Sr Preethin, Sr Linet, Sr Trenita, Sr Vinitha, Sr Nisha, Sr Venilla.
                St Angela Convent , Bejai , Mangaluru.

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