"Novo Bhorvoso" | A New Hope
The first-ever Konkani video song made in Canada

“Dedicated to all those who lost their hope during the COVID-19 pandemic, that they may regain their lost hope in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”.

Composition - Lyrics & Tune : 
Gerry D’Mello Bendur

Music programming, Audio Recording & Mixing : 
Ashith Glen Pinto

Harmony : 
Alwyn Noronha, Bajpe

Choir Director : 
Merlyn Rodrigues

Female Singers :
Merlyn Rodrigues
Babita Pinto
Marina Fernandes
Marita Correa
Sonia Monteiro
Violet Pais
Lucy D’Mello

Male Singers : 
Manohar Pais
Lancy Rodrigues
Edwin D’Souza
Gerry D’Mello

Tune support : 
Oliver Sequeira

Keyboard : 
Nishita D’Mello

Audio Recording : 
Studio Ten04 , Toronto

Cinematography :
Soul Productions, Toronto

Video Courtesy : DoReMiFa Creations Youtube Channel


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