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Aug 7, 2017 : Filing income tax returns by the due date is crucial, but equally important is to file these correctly. If you don't do so, expect a notice from the Income Tax Department. What should you do if you get one? Firstly , don't panic. Next, understand the section under which you have received it and how you should respond to it. Here are some of the common sections under which people get notices and what these mean.

Section 139 (9)
You will get a notice under this section in case of defective filing of tax returns.The errors can include the following: if you have used the wrong ITR form; if you haven't paid the entire tax due; if you have claimed a refund for deducted tax but have not mentioned the relevant income; if there is a mismatch in the name on the form and PAN card, or if you have paid taxes but not listed income. In such cases, a notice under this section will be sent to you.

Time limit to serve notice:

Time limit to respond:
Within 15 days of date of intimation by assessing officer.You can seek an extension by writing to the local assessing officer. If you don't respond, the return will be considered invalid.

What to do
Go to the income tax filing site (https: incometaxindiaefiling.gov.ine-Filing) and download the right ITR form under the given assessment year. Then select the option `In response to a notice under Section 139(9) where the original return filed was a defective return.' Fill in the reference number and acknowledgement number, and fill the form with rectifications. Under `e-file', select `e-file in response to notice us 139(9)' and upload it using the password in the notice.

Section 143 (1)
More than a notice, this is an intimation about the returns filed by you. You can get three types of notices under this section:
a) It can be simply the final assessment of your returns as your tax calcula tion matches that of the assessing officer.
b) It can serve as a refund notice, where the assessing officer's computation shows that an excessive amount of tax has been paid by you.
c) It can be a demand notice, wherein assessing officer finds a shortfall in your tax payment... read full story ...

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