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Mangaluru, Jun 18, 2022 : The LKG children of Mount Carmel Central School brought in monsoon reveries inside the classroom. Rain drops, big and round falling down, the rain laden black and grey clouds, the splash in the puddle brought delight, life and joy around.

As rain danced merrily, the little K.G children danced with umbrellas, rain coats, gumboots, water boats creating a link with nature around. Yet in another classroom, the scene of trees swaying rhythmically, leaves fluttering, flowers bending low and the tap dances of rain on the tin sheets of their dining hall connected the children to our planet earth.

Another group very powerfully made the streams, ponds, the springs in wells and rivers flow into their classrooms. The mangoes hanging on the trees, the cattle grazing on the tender green blades of grass was an impressive show with outbursts of laughter from the tender kids of LKG. It was indeed a feast to the eyes of the viewers and a fun-filled learning to the students.


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