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Mangaluru, Nov 30 : "Self Esteem is a Super Power. Once you start believing in yourself, Magic starts happening."

A Workshop was organised on the 30th of November, 2021 for  the students of  class VIII by the students of St. Agnes (PGDGC). The session commenced at  10.20 am. with a prayer. Mrs. Carol Machado introduced the four resource persons, Mrs. Charleen Rebimbus, Mrs. Doveyy Pinto, Mrs. Poornima and Mrs. Veena Barnes to the gathering. The resource persons enlightened the participants on "Self Esteem".

A Powerpoint Presentation was put up by them and the following points were explained to the students:  

1. What is self esteem?
The meaning of self esteem was explained to the students:
- Accepting I am worthy, I can do it.
- Accepting and respecting who you are.

2. Importance of self esteem:
We must remember we are all born unique and each one of us is best at something or the other.

3. High self esteem:
Students were asked to meet people and to be open to new ideas.

4. Six ideas to build self esteem were given to the group:
Celebrate your strengths and success.
Engage in positive self talk.
Stop comparing yourself to others
Build a support network
Focus on what you can change.
Stop striving for perfection.

5. Self esteem is not a cure-all. It may not fix all of our problems or help us to sail smoothly through a life free of struggles  but it will help us to find the courage to try new things and build up the spirit to bounce back from failure. 

6. Students were asked to write down five positive affirmations in their notebook which were important in their lives.

7. They were asked to focus on their personal goals and not to hold them back due to fear/ doubt.

8. An activity was conducted in which the students were made to write the positive qualities of their friends by passing a paper and reading it aloud to the group. These affirmations would help students when they are feeling low.

The tips given by the speakers were helpful to the students to build self esteem in themselves. Soft skills like these are essential for the all round development of children. The session ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Mrs. Jasmine.


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