The session focussed on - Good Touch bad touch, Personal Hygiene, Adolescent Health and Menstrual Hygiene

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Mangaluru, Nov 30 : “Wisdom is giving the children their wings, along with the rudder of awareness to keep them safe from prying hands”.

The much-needed knowledge in today’s scenario is creating awareness among children to differentiate between good and bad, to stay healthy and become the charismatic youth of tomorrow.

An awareness session was organised at St Agnes CBSE School on 25th November 2021 from 9.00am to 12.30pm at Block II Hall. The session was organised under different categories. For Grade VII and VIII – Menstrual Hygiene and Adolescent Health, Grade IV, V and VI, - Menstrual Hygiene and Grade I, II and III – Personal Hygiene and Good touch and Bad touch.

The resource persons were Mrs Irene T R Alvares Professor and HOD of Community Health and Nursing department of Father Muller College of Nursing. Mrs Jasmine Sarita Vas Associate Professor of Community Health and Nursing department of Father Muller College of Nursing. They have given their marvellous service and years of experience in educating the young nurses as teaching faculties.

The session began with a melodious prayer service by grade VII students followed by formal welcome by Aditi Prabhu of Grade VII B. The programme was hosted by Vivial Serrao of Grade VIIC with the vote of thanks proposed by Shannon Saldanha of grade VI D.

The highlights of the session were adolescent stage and challenges the students face, teenage growth and guidance, role in the family, various strategies to adopt a good life, Psychosocial development, emotional development were explained to the students. With the lower-class students, the personal hygiene of washing hands and method to follow, having bath, clean clothes, dental hygiene along with good and bad touch was well presented. The menstrual hygiene and physical changes and maturity was highlighted to the students of lower primary students. A lively interactive session with fun and activities was arranged. A fruitful session indeed.

The Management, the Administrator, Principal and the Staff are grateful for creating such a wonderful opportunity for the students and educating them to grow.

"Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden."


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