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Mangaluru, Mar 29 : After the photo session of Class VII students of Ladyhill English Higher Primary School, Urwa, the farewell programme was held on 27th March 2021 at 9.30 a.m, in the school hall.

The students of class 6 began by saying, “ Life is a journey and not a destination”. The chief guest for this occasion Tr. Freni, along with the Headmistress Sr. Maisie, Assistant H.M Sr. Livia, class Tr’s of class 7 and the students were accorded a warm welcome.

A lamp was lit, seeking God’s presence and the prayer service was conducted invoking God’s guidance and protection on the students in every step of their lives.

A food for thought that can change life such as : Developing positive thinking, exercise, single tasking, Focus on one goal, eliminate the non-essential, kindness and daily routine was shared with the students through a PPT.

The wishing song by the students of class 6 brought in good wishes for the outgoing students. The school pupil leader Angel Mascarenhas, Asst. SPL Sweezal Gonsalves along with the other students thanked the teachers for the service rendered towards them both in words and song.

The Headmistress Sr Maisie, instructed the outgoing students the three essentials needed to succeed in life : Prayer, To be grateful to God and to have courage to face the future. The Chief guest Tr. Frenie in her address, asked the students to study hard, be energetic and enterprising, to take up learning opportunities, to be focused and to never give up.

Thus the programme concluded with the school anthem, “Loyally to my school....”

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