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Mangaluru, Nov 26 : CONSTITUTION DAY also known as SAMVIDHAN DIVAS which is celebrated in India on November 26 every year, was celebrated in St Theresa's School, Bendur here virtually this year. Mrs Ritty Dsouza and Ms Raveena highlighted the importance of the day by means of a short speech to the students.

Mrs Ritty explained that the constitution aims to bring awareness about the Indian constitution and its architect Dr B R Ambedkar. She stressed on the importance given by him about the three warnings given for the future.

  1. Place of popular protest in a democracy. One just abandon the methods of non co-operation, civil disobedience and Satyagraha.
  2. Unthinking submission to charismatic authority and
  3. Indians should not be content with political democracy.

Ms Raveena gave a brief explanation about the Preamble of our constitution. The preamble can be referred to as the preface which highlights the entire constitution she added and explained the entire preamble beautifully.

Mrs Divya Rao compiled the entire video and made it very visual for the students by adding picture explanations and songs about our constitution.


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