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Mangaluru, July 20 : In a surprise informal visit on early Monday morning of the 20th of July 2020, the Dakshina Kannada COVID task force namely, District In-charge Minister, Deputy Commissioner, Constituency Parliament Member and District Health Officer along with other District Officials visited the Father Muller Medical College Hospital to appraise themselves of the work carried out by the Hospital in regards to the pandemic. The Director Rev. Fr Richard A. Coelho welcomed the team to the hospital and briefed on the services provided by the Hospital. Rev Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa, Administartor of the hospital enlightened them of the of the hospital works and its staff situation.

Medical Superintendent Dr Uday Kumar gave a brief description about the facilities in the hospital in preparedness for this pandemic and the number of beds reserved. He said that out of the total 1250 beds, the hospital has reserved 405 beds for COVID patients with 10 ventilators. The institution has been following the beds reservation as per the government dictum even though the beds reserved for cancer, psychiatry patients and de-addiction patients could not be touched as theses patients needed urgent care and continued support. An additional of 200 beds would be looked into if there an acute need. The institutional COVID nodal Officer Dr Saurabh presented the statistics of the patients screened, treated and beds made available.

District In-charge Minister and Minister of Fisheries, Ports and Inland Transport of Government of Karnataka Shri Kota Srinivas Poojary, was happy in the way the hospital was carrying out its work towards this pandemic and pledged to support the Father Muller Medical College Hospital with government support and amenities if need be. He was appreciative of the fact that the Father Muller Medical College Hospital is charging lower than the stipulated government rates for the COVID patients and even for the testing of the sample too. He was happy to hear that no added PPE charges were put by the hospital for the COVID laboratory tests. He said that such exemplary work should be replicated in all hospitals of the district and the state.

Honourable Member of the Parliament Shri Nalin Kumar Kateel was pleased with the efforts of the hospital saying that such example of service deserved the government’s appreciation. He pledged his support in any form to the management of the hospital. Shri Kateel asked if the hospital could expand its services and if more test could be done per day. He allayed his opinion that asymptomatic persons need not be tested for COVID 19 but needed to self isolate themselves for the good of the community.

Our District Deputy Commissioner Mrs Sindhu Rupesh, asked about the facilities provided by the hospital and put her views about the excellent services provided by the hospital to the public. She opined that if a person tested positive due to COVID19 and is asymptomatic they should be quarantined at home so that they are mentally at peace and have already exposed their families to the same. This will save the resources needed for symptomatic patients.

District Health Officer In-charge, Dr Ratnakar, appreciated the hospital cooperation during these times with the governmental agencies in front of all present stating that the work has been commendable and note worthy of appreciation. The Hospital was open even during the lockdown and had served the people of the district and beyond without any hesitation. Even the poorest of the poor with no money were treated here. This was the greatness of this institution that even a person with no money was not turned away.

These statements allayed all the rumours and false mongering that has been spread about the hospital. All things cannot be given free and the Father Muller Hospital is helping patients beyond any doubt.

The Distirct In-charge Shri Poojary in his concluding remark said that on the behalf of the Government of Karnataka, the Chief Minister and the District, not enough gratitude can be showered on this Hospital for its service.

The director thanked the team for their uplifting words and thoughts about the Hospital and thanked them and blessed them on behalf of the Bishop of Mangalore who also is the president of the Father Muller Charitable Institutions. Fr Ajith Menezes, Administrator of the Medical College, Fr Nelson Pais Asst. Administrator, CNO Sr Janet D’Souza, Dr JP Alva Dean Medical College, Dr Antony Slyvan Dean of the Allied Health College and department In-charges were present during the visit. Dr Kelvin Pais, Liaison Officer FMCI, received the team.

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