By Sr Rose Celine BS 

Mangaluru, April 26 : Sr Dr Lelian BS of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, Mangaluru, passed away on Saturday 25th April 2020. She was 77-years old.

She is the member of Maryvale Convent, Kinnigoli. She hails from Balkunje, Mangalore Diocese and is the daughter of Late Mr Sebastian Sequeira and Late Mrs Magdelene Sequeira. 

She has four brothers and three sisters among whom two are Bethany sisters, Sr Virginia and Sr Hilarian. Her Priest brother Rev Fr William Sequeira serves in the Society of Jesus.

Dr Sr Lelian was an efficient, committed and renowned doctor and an able administrator of Concetta Hospital. Her service in this Mangalore diocesan hospital for more than three decades, has brought solace to the people of Kinigoli as well as all the neighbouring villages.

If not for her tireless efforts, the hospital would not have been what it is today. Even after her retirement and in spite of her ill health, she continued to serve the people till she was incapacitated. She is the first doctor of the Bethany Congregation. She had rendured her service as a Medical Doctor in Obstetrician and Gynecologist in two hospitals of the Congregation. She served for 12 years at Vadakangulam in Tamil Nadu and 34 years at Concetta Hospital Kinnigoli. Sisters of the Congregation and other religious sisters and priests experienced her sisterly care in moments of sickness. She was kind hearted, soft spoken and was totally committed to the healing ministry. With her compassionate love, she has touched the hearts of thousands of people. In the midst of her busy moments too she would make time to be with the Lord in prayer. She was admired for her punctuality for community exercises.

Sr Lelian served with a smiling face though she was suffering from multiple illnesses of post tuberculosis, hypo thyroidism and diabetes. In 2018 she had a fall and fractured her hip joints. Thereafter gradually her health deteriorated . Since a week she became very sick and was unable to take any food. On 24th April her health condition worsened and sisters kept watch beside supporting her with their prayers.. On 25th April at 9 pm, she surrendered her life to the Lord while sisters of the community and a few relatives were praying and bidding a tearful farewell to her. Thus she completed her mission on earth as a true handmaid of the Lord.

Her funeral rites will be held at Immaculate Conception Church Cemetery, Kinnigoli on Sunday 26th April 2020 at 10.00 am.

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