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Mangaluru, Oct 19 : "This very period of time where tremendous progress has been made by our universe and mankind alone, ought to be sustained".

Lourdes Central School conducted the Social Science Exhibition on 19th October 2019 celebrating various intriguing wonders that our universe has in store for us. This year’s theme is ‘The Universe and its Progress’.

The inaugural function that was held at the open stage of our school marked the beginning of the exhibition. The Manager Rev. Fr Wilson Vitus D’Souza, the Principal Rev. Fr Robert D’Souza and the Vice Principal Mrs Belita Mascarenhas unveiled the spectacular centre piece made by a group of class XII students which represented the evolution of our world in the universe and the progress of humanity that complements it. The centrepiece consists of two parts. The first being the different stages of the earth and the other the transformation of homo sapiens from an ape to a fully grown man. The man also symbolises time that progresses as we evolve in the world we live in.

Hiya Hegde, Nidhi Kishore, Prakrithi Monteiro and Adora Mascarenhas of class X wonderfully demonstrated a model on self sustainable homes.

The Principal then enlightened the crowd with his take on the event, followed by the Manager who addressed the gathering with his wise words.

Students of classes VI, VII and VIII marvelled the audience with a dance themed ‘Malekoylu Maadona Banniro’.

Class X ended the programme with a play conveying a beautiful message on Water Conservation.

The exhibition that commenced at 8:15am, was held as a class wise competition, where the topics for each class was given beforehand. Landforms, Conservation of Resources and Universe were the themes given to students of class VI. The informative models that were displayed by these students helped in better understanding of their subjects and the relevance of certain necessities invoked a sense of commitment towards nature. There were models displaying the various landforms, solar system, constellation etc.

Class VII was given Endogenic and Exogenic forces along with Natural Vegetation and Wildlife, and Transport and Communication. The innovative models on national parks and bird sanctuaries proved that these students are socially aware and sensitive to the environment. The various working models of different transportation reassure us that our ticket to the future will be smooth and safe.

Industries, a rather inquisitive topic was assigned to class VIII. Their perception of what our industries have become today and its past proves to us that the young ones are well aware and thorough with all that they learn in classrooms. Students displayed a plethora of models regarding iron and steel industry, paper industry, poultry etc.

A more relevant topic of Disaster Management and Water Conservation was given to the students of class IX. At a time like this, where our country and the world is in dire need of new schemes that can help cope with the recent destruction, the creative models offer a spectrum of new ideas that just show us how wonderfully well informed and innovative the youth can be.

Class X was also given Water Conservation along with Consumer Rights. The projects on water conservation included drip irrigation, rain water harvesting, rain garden etc. The students came up with ingenious concepts that are very requisite in a time like today where every person deserves to have the freedom and voice of their own.

All these significant topics inculcate in young minds the capability of creating a healthy future and leading us to it. The practical application of their scholastic knowledge helped them learn their concepts better. The success of the Social Science Exhibition of 2019 renders a new tool of knowledge to young minds and enhances innovation and creativity amongst them.

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