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Mangaluru, Feb 8, 2024 : In a dazzling display of talent, NITK, Surathkal recently hosted the Araadhana Competitions, recognizing outstanding achievements in various categories. In the senior category (Classes 8 & 9), the Dance Competition witnessed a stellar performance by Eshani Manish Sanil, Prananmya S, Laguvi Maheshchandra, and Aadhya Jain, who secured the 1st place. Ridhima A from Class VIII B showcased her Mehandi skills, securing the 2nd place.

The Creative Writing category saw Shenol Dsouza from Class VIII B clinch the 1st place, while Vineet Gonsalves from VIII B secured the 3rd place. In Rangoli, Pranamya P secured the 3rd place.

The Quiz competition in the senior category saw a triumphant team comprising Tameem Siddiq, Tanay Kumar, Koyal Narayan, and Aarav Someshwar securing the 1st place.

In the junior category (Classes 5-7), the Bharat Quiz witnessed an impressive 2nd place by Anurag Rao U, Shannara Kadal, and Advik S Shetty. Achintya Rai from Class VII C stole the show with a 1st place in Patriotic Singing.

These competitions not only showcased the participants' exceptional skills but also highlighted the commitment of NITK, Surathkal in fostering a culture of talent and excellence. Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements!


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