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Mangaluru, Feb 8, 2024 : The collocated event of the cabinet closure ceremony was organised in St Agnes School on February 3rd in Block II Hall on a blissful Saturday morning. The august occasion was a captivating affair, with ministers of the cabinet marching in perfect harmony, guided by the Head Girl's poised leadership. 

The event commenced with a divine melody that echoed through the halls, tenderly crafted by the Deputy Ministers, invoking the blessings of the divine. A formal welcome was then offered, and the ceremony unfurled with the Head Girl presenting the School flag to the Principal, Sr Maria Sarika A.C. As the winds of magic swirled around, the Squad Ministers gracefully transferred the flags to the Physical Education Trainers. The Mentors, Mrs Dora Dsouza and Mrs Velony Rosario were then presented with sashes, emblematic of their invaluable guidance. The leaders, with their unwavering allegiance and exceptional leadership, were also recognized and honoured with Certificates of Appreciation, casting a spell of gratitude and admiration upon the ceremony.

The Principal, with her heart full of gratitude, bestowed her praise upon the leaders of the cabinet for their ceaseless dedication to serving the school community. The Principal spoke of how their tireless efforts have set a shining example for the students to follow, and how the Certificate of Appreciation was a fitting tribute to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

In a moment of heartfelt gratitude, the Head Girl bestowed sincere appreciation upon the principal and the mentors for their unwavering support in nurturing their leadership skills. The Ministers and Deputy Ministers were also hailed for their remarkable camaraderie and shared sense of duty. The event was graced by the impeccable hosting of Mrs. Daphne Dsouza, culminating in a timeless memory, etched forevermore.


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