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Moodbidri, Feb 6 : On 22 December 2023, students of grade 10 of Carmel School Moodbidri visited Sri Devi rice mill and Farm in Kotebagilu. They covered various topics of types of farming and agro based industries.

Diving into the Fields:

Subsistence Farming (Rice Field): Delving into the lifeline of agriculture, students explore the intricacies of rice cultivation, witnessing the delicate balance between nature and cultivation.

Plantation Agriculture (Areca Nut Farm): A glimpse into sustainable practices, students immerse themselves in the vibrant areca nut farm, understanding the meticulous care required for successful plantation agriculture.

Horticulture (Fruit Trees, Vegetables & Spices): Nature's palette unfolds as students witness the diverse tapestry of fruit trees, vegetables, and spices, gaining insights into the artistry of horticulture. Students actively contribute to the farm's vitality, participating in the time-honored tradition of gathering areca nuts and palm leaves, embodying the spirit of community service.

Journey to the Mill:

Venturing into the heart of agro-based industry, students witness the inner workings of a rice mill, gaining invaluable insights into the machineries that drive agricultural progress.

An immersive odyssey through the facets of farming and agro-based industry, empowering students with first-hand experiences that transcend textbooks.


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