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Mangaluru, Jan 31 : Carmel School observed Martyrs’ Day on 30th January, 2024 with a touching ceremony that paid homage to the sacrifices of Mahatma Gandhi and other revered national leaders.

The solemn event commenced with a heartfelt prayer service, fostering a reflective atmosphere to collectively honour the martyrs. Sister Lilly Pushpa, the Principal, garlanded Mahatma Gandhi's portrait. The ceremony unfolded with a captivating dance performance that set the tone for the program, welcoming the audience. Anna Mariyam Hameed delivered the welcome speech, followed by Anshika eloquently conveying the significance of the day. A skit, performed with meticulousness conveyed a powerful message about the acts of selflessness of the patriots, emotionally engaging the audience and shedding light on the challenges faced by these great personalities.

Sister Lilly Pushpa, the Principal delivered an inspiring message, acknowledging the outstanding performance of the students of grade 8c under the guidance of Mrs. Supreetha. Elucidating the distinction between white martyrs dedicated to service and red martyrs who sacrifice for noble causes, she urged the students to draw inspiration from their exemplary lives. Emphasizing the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, sister also encouraged them to embody ahimsa and nonviolence. Additionally, Sister Lilly Pushpa urged pride in the nation and accentuated the importance of contributing positively to society, leaving the students with a renewed sense of purpose and a call to make choices that benefit both themselves and the nation. The assembly resonated with applause, marking a memorable moment of inspiration.

The program continued with Reeda Kachhi delivering the vote of thanks, recognizing the collaborative effort of the students and teachers. Skilfully compered by Sarah Lourdes Noronha and Fathima Shakira, the event concluded on a patriotic note with the national anthem, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees and emphasizing the importance of preserving the martyrs' legacy for future generations.


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