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Mangaluru, Jan 28 : Simplicity, patience, compassion are the greatest treasures in a human life. 

St Agnes CBSE school organised the Carmel Treasures Retreat for the students of grade X on 24th Jan 2023. It was a day’s session spent fruitfully and meaningfully by the students. The purpose behind this session was to carry with them the Carmel values to help shape their future as they move out of the institution.

The resource persons for the session were Sr Rosemarie AC retired English teacher and trained personnel for Carmel Treasures Retreat and Mrs Dimple Quadras who is currently giving her service as a teacher at St Agnes Higher Primary school. 

The morning session was truly inspiring with students’ enthusiastic response for Nature walk, a talk on ‘My Value System’ and some fun activities along with action songs. A session by Mrs Dimple on ‘The treasure within, how do I relate’ was systematically presented to the students, followed by ‘Self Knowledge key to Change’ an inspiring talk by Sr Rosemarie.  

Post noon to lighten the mood an inspirational video was shown and action songs were conducted by Sr Lenita and Sr Sweedal. Sr Rosemarie once again took up the session on ‘Challenges’ mesmerising the students with her wonderful words of wisdom. Thereafter Sr Lenita took up the session on ‘Goal directed choices’ that is making right choices was well presented to the students. In conclusion a prayer was conducted by Sr Lenita and Sr Sweedal thanking God for the wonderful opportunity given to enlighten the students who will enter into a world of challenges.

The Management extends its deep sense of gratitude to the Principal and sisters in the school for conducting this meaningful session.

Let the Carmel virtues fill our mind and heart to lead a fruitful life.


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