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Mangaluru, Jan 16, 2023  : Mount Carmel Central School, Mangaluru conducted a number of activities to LKG children to stimulate their brains while learning, to make them learn concepts easily.

The children were involved in various group activities in which they were able to recognize the letters of the alphabet with its sounds and frame two letter words, on their own.

An activity on cursive letters was conducted, a step towards writing skills. The children were able to recognize cursive letters, say the sound of each letter. They also enthusiastically participated in various activities like tracing on the slate, on the rawa, matching activity etc.

The teachers taught them number values in an interesting way. Activities like floor disc, placing the value for the number made the children confident about the concept of ‘how many?’

The children were taken to the school park and there under the shade of a tree, they enacted the story ‘The cap seller and the monkeys’ in full swing, enjoying, while playing the role of cap seller and monkeys.

Indeed, the children of LKG enjoy their learning at school through fun-filled activities.


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