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Mangaluru, Jan 16, 2023 : To enhance creativity, and imagination and build confidence a Fancy dress competition was conducted by St. Theresa's School for the children of LKG and UKG.

The children participated in huge numbers and showcased their versatility. The children depicted value-based themes like saving the earth, trees, water, saving girl child, donating blood, tooth hygiene, helping the destitutes etc. They presented themselves as snake obavva, Mother Theresa, police officer, soldier, traffic lights, Shakunthala, Shravanakumar, farmer, Yakshagana, tiger dance, tortoise, parrot, Vegetables, fruits, beautiful birthday cake etc.

Children looked vibrant in their colorful and different costumes and played their parts confidently. Through their innocent enthusiasm and imagination, the students turned the event into a roaring success.


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