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Mangaluru, Jan 11, 2023 : 'You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a kite, and that’s pretty close.’ It was indeed a joyous atmosphere at St Theresa’s School today to see the children have beaming smiles on their faces holding their colourful kites. Two international kite fliers from Team Mangalore enriched the children about the tactics of making the kite fly high, the kind of thread to avoid while flying a kite and the lessons to be learnt from kite flying.

The kites were of many colours, sizes and shapes. The school ground campus was soon filled with students proudly flying their kites as high as they could. It was a satisfying scene for the teachers to firstly watch all the children have loads of patience getting their kites high and after a while watch them having loads of concentration in keeping safe their own kites up in the air. The icing on the cake was observing a few students quickly learn when to pull or loosen the string to cut another kite. The part of the sky above St Theresa’s School had indeed turned into a rainbow due to this fun activity. This activity would have surely made the children learn to appreciate such inexpensive outdoor physical activities a lot more than being hooked to their expensive gadgets inside the comfort of their homes. The quote ’Kite flying is surely like having happiness on a string.’ was alive in the Theresian atmosphere today.


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