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Mangaluru, Nov 21 : A magnificent Annual Sports Meet 2022 – 2023 was organized at Nazareth School, Balmatta on November 12, 2022, in which all the students from Grade 1 to Grade X participated with great fervour and manifested their athletic skills with an unimpeachable finesse.

The mega event commenced with the Ceremonies of Manvith L K and Sarah announcing the arrival of the respected dignitaries: Mr. Santhosh Kumar K., Assistant sub – inspector, Traffic south police station, Mangalore. The School Principal, Rev. Sr. Marceline D’Souza, the Nazareth Convent Community members, Mrs. PrecillaVeigas the Academic Coordinator, Mrs. K Veena M Rao the programme coordinator.

Invoking God’s blessings is of paramount significance; hence a special prayer song was sung, creating a reverential atmosphere. This was followed by the Lighting of the Torch and the Floral Welcome of the Chief Guest Mr. Santhosh Kumar K., Assistant sub – inspector, by the Principal Rev. Sr. Marceline Dsouza. Other dignitaries present on the occasion were Sr Vincy Verghese, Sr. Elezabeth Rani, Sr. Smitha Dias and Staff representatives.

This is being done through a well-orchestrated Opening Ceremony. Class VI to X students mesmerized everyone in their grateful recognition and remembrance of all the virtues that the Nazareth School stood for, besides appreciating the valour of the Indian Army.

The event proceeded further with the March Past led by the Nazareth School Band, squads of all four Houses and Hoisting of the School Flag which was followed by the singing the School Anthem and the Oath taking Ceremony by the Athletic Captain, Shithiji Poojary.

Mr. Santhosh Kumar K., The Chief Guest of the event,who has always been an inspiration with School motto “Love and Service”, next enlightened the gathering on the importance of physical fitness, hoping that students of Nazareth School will make a mark for themselves in the sports arena at all the levels. Also he urged the students to work so that India continues to remain a country without differences between caste, race, creed and religion.

Subsequently, the Chief Guest declared the Annual Athletic Meet open.Vivified by the releasing the colourful balloons, the lighting of the torch by the athletics captain Vamsh Rai and his team, it was time to look forward to the treasure trove of memories long after one has left the hallowed portals of one’s Alma Mater.

Thereafter, the Principal Rev. Sr. Marceline D’Souza presented a memento to the Chief Guest as a token of love and gratitude.

“Many will start fast, few will finish strong”, having such sentiments for the 100 metres race for all divisions being arranged.
A clear example of how team spirit leads to the entire team performing beautifully. The next event, i.e, the Inter-House relay (400 mtrs for all the divisions) had the audience watching with bated breath, the heroic efforts of all the athletes. The gathering had a further glimpse of the amazing results.

If competing and winning in Hurdles proves the mettle of those participating in it. Next up, was the most highly anticipated Basketball Match and passionately contested inter-house event.

The programme concluded with the Vote of Thanks given by the Chirag Manohara Suvarna who thanked each and every one, who worked day and night tirelessly in order to conduct a successful Athletics Meet.The event ended with singing of the National Anthem by the audience and beating of the retreat by the School Band.


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