“Man does not live by bread alone” Mathew 4:4.

Bread is needed to survive but to survive bread is not the only means. Humanity is suffering because of lack of love. Mother Teresa once said “world is hungry not for food but for love”.

I remember when I was studying for priesthood, I used to walk down to catch a bus early in the morning from my St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary to Yeshwanthpur for my Sunday ministry. I was moved by a man who used to sleep on the road and by 4am he was awake. He had lost both his legs and one hand (may be by accident). I used to save some food like chapatis, bread to give him. Sometimes I used to carry a shawl or towel to give him. Nearly three months I did the same. I never spoke to him. I could observe his eyes smile mixed with tears. Almost on all Sundays I could see him.

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One Sunday I just stood there before handing over some food, I just asked him in Kannada “Anna hegiddiya?” means brother how are you?. He started crying. I asked him did I say anything wrong?. He said no. You called me brother, no one talks with me. I don’t want things but every Sunday when you pass by you talk with me, that’s enough. I was moved by his words. He preached a sermon for my life. Almost 25 years are over but still that incident is fresh in my mind. It’s true our words bring healing as well as consolation to the people.

As Jesus said man doesn’t live by bread alone but by the Word of God. The Word of God is love of God. That Word made flesh in Jesus. Jesus is peace. Jesus loves, forgives and heals us. Those who experience Jesus like Mother Teresa can understand the heart of the poor and downtrodden. That’s what she said and experienced “World is hungry not for food but for love”. I admire and appreciate all those who take care of elderly, poor and downtrodden as their own family members. I am inspired by many NGOs who sincerely love the poor and downtrodden. Specially picked up from the streets.

May Jesus bless you with happiness and good health. Let us inspire others before we expire.

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Rev Fr Franklin D’Souza is currently serving in the Diocese of Shimoga
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