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A ‘Thought’ of Man that made me write this article named ‘Never Say ‘NO’ to the Needy( NNN)’. It is a new evolution into the world of good natured men / women to have rich experiences, good memories and a personal satisfaction to oneself through genuine charitable acts. It is the wish of many brothers and sisters in the world to come together and work for the greater glory of God as it impacts vast positive changes in the society. Thus it came true in the blessed year of 2020 by a person named Anthony AK who had bitter experiences with poor people's lifestyles from different parts of the country. His pain towards the poor people and their cry made him to think of this association so called  “Never say NO to the Needy” with much expectation and extreme belief to reach out to our brothers and sisters who deserve their basic needs of fulfillment. 

The motto behind NNN, simply means a good human being must never prompt “NO” to the needs of our fellow beings who are in desperate need to be reached out at their genuine facts. As it is very well quoted in the bible that The mortal man has no greater joy to lay down  his life for his own friend. In the Quran, Allah says: “Help one another in acts of piety and righteousness”. In Bhagwat Gita, it is said that No other work can give you peace of mind as helping others can.  Yes! Here the friendship/relationship reminds us that all those in need of help in one or other way are our friends, brothers and sisters need to be supported and guided to their good fortune. The fulfilling of their needs and desires rightly enriches our happiness and brings peace in life which can lead us to experience God’s Love in our every act. The ‘needy’ word from the motto does not mean only the need of materialistic satisfactory facts but rather the need of love, prayer, attention, care, concern, time, counseling, support, encouragement, help, guidelines, and basic fulfillment of human needs etc.  

The theme rightly emphasizes on the virtues of great saintly people who lived to their words like; Seek the face of God in the services of the poor – (St Vincent De Paul). ‘ Give to the poor until it hurts you – ( St. Mother Theresa). ‘ The Best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others –( Mahatma Gandhi). ‘ If you are helping someone and expecting something in return, you are doing business and kindness – ( APJ Abdul Kalam). Above quotes remind us that the only virtue that combines all other virtues is the virtue of  LOVE which we all need to have towards our brothers and sisters. 

The vision and mission of the NNN  is “  : To reach out needy in all kinds of genuine needs of mortal beings at their  poor condition / situation in the best way possible, through the  help of various NGOs and in fact public people at their request. We must always keep in mind the  beautiful words from the bible that “You are dust and the dust shall return”.

An inspiration for emerging the idea of NNN

The different faces of the same human being of a billion people tells us the greatness and wondrous of God’s creation which bonuses behind our imagination. The very fact of the spirit of breath that gives existence to our mortal body makes us feel the depth of  real human relationship. There is no permanent reservation for any human being on this earth but still many of us try to accomplish big things in life without realizing that life is made of tiny things.

It's all of real experiences with the poor people of different stages in various parts of the country, especially from villages, made Anthony AK bring out an idea to help the poor in all the possible ways. Each and every human being of this world has his/her own right to enjoy their freedom and human rights as they are considered to be our brothers and sisters under the same sky. There are thousands of people who fail to enjoy these rights and access their basic needs that they really deserve. Of course there are many associations in the world trying to do greater things to reach out to these people. Yet they are failing to reach out all, as poor people are considered to be many in number to be approached. So let us take a challenging step towards this charitable act with this person Anthony AK to push higher levels where very many people benefit from the NNN association. In trusting God’s providence I invite you all to get connected to this charitable act to reach out to these brothers and sisters of ours.

The intention behind the new evolution 

  • To provide a satisfactory meal to the orphanages, house foundlings.
  • To have interaction with old aged, widows, poor people in villages. 
  • To encourage the trible/Dalit children and foundlings in education.
  • Making awareness of the government facilities to the ignorant in the village and remote areas. etc.


I conclude the whole summary of this article with the single sentence saying , “This is an act 'To do good, To be good and To bring good' ”.


About the Author : 

Sr. Carmel Mary DC

St. Aloysius Institute of Education


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