By Felix Anthony

Kharsang, 2 June, 2021 : A young boy from the last village of Arunachal Pradesh is spreading positivity with portraits made of charcoal during this difficult time of our life time.

Jonathan Wangpan is killing the internet these days with portraits made of charcoal on ceiling boards. “I used to draw cartoons on plain papers as a child. The lockdown provided me with enough free time to hone my skill”, says the 23 year old from Longtom village of Changlang District Arunachal Pradesh.

His creations are widely shared on multiple social media platforms these days.

“I am happy that I am able to spread some happiness during these depressing days”, says the student of Servanthood Bible School, Dimapur. “My lackluster life in the past had taken me to all kinds of bad habits, leading to my flunking class 12 examinations. I did not want to go back to my bad past by keeping the mind idle during this lockdown. I looked for some inspiration on YouTube and a few ideas inspired me to take up charcoal portraits paintings. I did not expect at all the love and appreciation I receive these days” says the teenager.

His portraits of famous personalities like Mr. Bean, Snoop Dogg, Kiren Rijiju have won the hearts of many in Arunachal Pradesh and across the north east region.

Speaking about the tools he used to create his work, he says, “Working with charcoal and pencils helps easily rub off what I make and to create another. I do not have the budget to buy ceiling boards everyday”.

His woes with financial difficulty too looks like becoming a thing of the past, as impressed with his work, Devansh Yadav, the Deputy Commissioner of Changlang District has offered him a drawing assignment and few others too have asked the youngsters to draw for their office and workplace.

Many have reacted positively to his works on social media and more than 2000 people have shared his work on multiple social media platforms.

There is a celebrity in each one of us. Lockdown free time is the best opportunity to discover the superstar within. With the support of social media, one’s call to fame could be just a piece of charcoal away.

Felix Anthony is Correspondent from Arunachal Pradesh


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