Kids are very innocent by nature. They generally ask too many questions. I hope all of you have encountered this particular situation at least once in your lifetime. Few of you might have also been irritated with their silly questions, while others would have enjoyed answering them. Kids normally don’t judge you whether your response is right or wrong because they don’t reach that level of understanding. Whatever may be the response or answer they receive from you they will believe or trust the same. This is a way of learning !

Likewise when you are ill and when you visit a doctor, the doctor will ask you several questions in order to find out what exactly disease or illness you are facing. Doctors will not be able to identify your illness until he/she receives satisfaction from your responses. Neither you nor the doctor of course feels it irritating because the ultimate intention is to cure. Most of the time whatever answer you give to the doctor, the doctor believes and in return you will receive medicine for the same. In addition, you believe in the doctor and also on the medicine that he/she directs you to take. As a result your illness gets cured and you receive back your health.

When I was a kid, I used to ask several questions with my dad. He used to answer all of my questions and I used to believe in his response. Questions that I used to ask were of course silly. He used to encourage me to ask more questions because he believed that asking too many questions will help me learn new concepts. As I grew up, my childhood habit of asking questions, believing in the responses and receiving whatever I wanted became a part of my life. Even today I ask questions with my parents, teachers, friends and whomever I meet because that’s how I learn and gain knowledge. Now my passion for learning has reached a greater height.

ASK : We all must remember that unless we ask questions with our elders or with those who are experienced we will not learn anything. Just like a child we must ask whatever we want to know. We all must have passion towards learning. Let us remember that we don’t lose anything by asking. It is better to ask and clear doubts rather than hold a question mark inside our mind. So let’s make it a point to always ask whenever we want to know from others.

BELIEVE: Believing nowadays has become a major task. We often find it hard to believe. Some of them don’t believe unless they verify things by themselves. We should be wise enough to ask questions to those whom we can trust the most. Only then we can believe the response that we get from them.

: We ask things and we believe in the same. Some things we receive very quickly while some things take time. Patience here plays a major role. We must be patient enough because things will come to us at the right time. Let’s believe in the statement that “Whatever happens happens for a reason” Hence to receive you need to ask and believe at the same time.

As a lecturer I have always given an opportunity to my students to ask and learn. When a student asks questions he/she will develop creativity because they will start thinking out of the box. Generally students ask ‘WH’ questions to clarify their doubts. I feel happy to answer their question because they learn from it. In case if I am not sure about the answer for the question that my students ask, I say, “I am not aware of it but I will find out and get back to you soon!” In this way students used to believe in the response that I used to give them and in return they used to gain knowledge.

Some of you may feel shy to ask questions, while others are straight forward in asking and clarifying their doubts. The attitude of asking will help you gain knowledge and will make you think beyond limits. If you are a person who doesn’t feel comfortable asking, then you need to change yourself. Make the rule ASK - BELIEVE - RECEIVE as a golden rule of your life and see the changes in yourself.

Article by: Ashish Joseph Carvalho

About Author:

Ashish Joseph Carvalho hails from Derebail, Mangaluru, Karnataka. He has completed his Bachelor of Commerce from Milagres College (Affiliated to Mangalore University), Mangaluru. He has also completed his Master of Commerce from St Aloysius Evening College (Affiliated to Mangalore University), Mangaluru with distinction.

Ashish Joseph Carvalho is certified with Diploma in Computer Application (DICA) from KEONICS Institute - Government of Karnataka and Advanced Tally ERP9 with Computer basics from Karnataka German Technology Training Institute (KGTTI), Government of Karnataka. He has participated as delegate and presented two International level research paper (One Published; ISBN bearing 978-93-84734-67-1), six National level research papers (Two Published; ISSN bearing 2319-1953 and ISSN bearing 2394-7780) and two Inter-collegiate research paper presentation competition. In addition, he has been awarded as the ‘Best Paper Presenter’, in a National Conference on Youth Entrepreneurship in Current Competitive Arena. He has also attended various workshops and national level conferences as a delegate. He has also been awarded with a certificate for successfully completing a course on ‘Introduction to Research’ conducted by NPTEL Online Certification, funded by the MHRD, Government of India.

Ashish Joseph Carvalho has worked as an Accountant for one year and five months at Asiel Group, Mangaluru. He has also worked as a Lecturer in Commerce at Rosario College of Management Studies, Mangaluru for one academic year. Currently he is pursuing his Bachelor of Education (4th Semester - Final year) from St Aloysius Institute of Education, Mangaluru.


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