Introduction :

First and foremost, what do we mean by politeness? “Politeness means having or showing good manners and respect for the feelings of the others’’ , says Wehmeier. 

Most of the time politeness and humility are very much connected with each other and they go hand in hand. Sometimes we forget to be polite with others in our approach towards them and we fail to accept them as they are.

If we know and understand that, with politeness one can experience the peace and serenity of God, then we can see the outcome of the cheerfulness of the heart to be polite with oneself and polite with others. Most of the times why we are not able to be polite with others is because of our pride and because of our ego and also many times because of our lack of humility! Yes because of which , people dislike us and our behaviour and they don't dare to approach us as they do with others. This could be one of the reasons why people avoid us most of the time. So how long can we go ahead without any love and support from the others?

The motto behind this Politeness simply means that which reduces stress in oneself and in others. By acquiring this politeness, you can talk to others with respect, also you’ll be ready to get out of yourself and you will be able to mingle with others freely. This politeness makes us different from any other beings. By acting politely with people and with the environment, your logic, and your reasoning will always be accorded with respect and you deserve the respect in a society which depends on your action and behaviour. A polite word which is used in our homes or in our work place which may seem to be unnecessary, but they do boost the morale and performance of once life and the others around us! 

LET’S ASK OURSELVES! Can we be happy in our life without the others? Or how long can we go on like this, a life that is so indifferent towards the other? We can't go on like this, because we are not created for this purpose! Rather we are created out of love, to spread the same love to others. Yes we all have our own limitations and weaknesses no one is perfect except the one who Created us all and the author of all LIVING things. If it is so, let's try for ourselves and see that at least once a day can WE be polite with the one with whom we are living or with whom we come across in our daily life. Let's forget about what had happened in the past by beginning a new approach towards the other without hurting them with our actions.

The vision and mission of being Politeness is that it does not cost us anything, rather brings us the respect and civility around us, so when we are polite with others then we can also expect the same respect from the others.

A kind word, a kind look, a kind action costs us nothing but buys all the more that love and affection from the others and these, can also change the entire life of the other person.
So we must always remember the words of the Bible, “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the golden rule’’. In other words, treat others as you want to be treated’’. 

About the Author : 

Sr. Mary Gurindapalli is currently pursuing BEd studies at St. Aloysius College of Education, Mangalore.


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